The Pet Nanny

“As a former boarding kennel manager, I witnessed at first hand the stress and anxiety that pets endure in a hectic, crowded, boarding kennel.

It takes dogs about 5 days to adjust to the kennel experience. During this time, they are exposed to noise levels that may exceed 85 decibels. Your dog, who is accustomed to a quiet, relaxed home, is overwhelmed by the noises to which it is exposed. In addition, the canine olfactory system (sense of smell) is much more sensitive than ours, and in a kennel, is bombarded with the smells of other dogs, cleaning fluids, urine, and fecal matter. 

Under stress, dogs may refuse to eat, revert to soiling their enclosures, or succumb much more easily to illnesses they’d easily be able to throw aside otherwise. If your dog has a sensitive nature, you may come home to a pet forever changed by their boarding experience or return to a dog who has forgotten its house-training. Some dogs become so afraid they become aggressive, adding potential injuries to the list of downsides.

Cats are easily stressed creatures that do far better remaining in familiar surroundings than going to a smaller, more crowded, and often poorer-air-quality cattery. Busy catteries overwhelm your pet with all manner of offensive odors: urine (ammonia), feces, harsh cleaning fluids. Any of these can trigger upper respiratory, eye, and urinary tract infections in cats.

In-home pet care also sharply reduces the need to hire a separate company to secure your home, which insurance companies are now beginning to require.

That is why more and more pet parents are choosing to have their pets cared for in the comfort and security of their own home. Our pets are creatures of habit, and in-home care allows them to keep to their own schedules and routines, vastly reducing stress and anxiety for them.

Ultimately, pets that receive in-home care are happier, healthier and become familiar with a single care giver rather than dealing with revolving staff at a kennel. The Pet Nanny takes the time to let your pet to get to know us through our meet-and-greet and re-acquaintance visits. These are no-charge services that allow your pet to remain comfortable and at ease with the Nanny who will care for them during your absence.

For all these reasons, in-home pet care is becoming the popular choice of pet parents,. Our clients relax and enjoy their time away, knowing that pets and homes are being cared for by reliable, experienced professionals.”

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